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V11.00 09/11/09

Going For Gold

Grundy Television then moved into the British quiz market with a new game show called Going For Gold with Henry Kelly. I was asked if I would like to audition and once I heard what the prize was – a trip to the Seoul Olympics in 1988, I couldn’t wait. Having passed the audition, I was bit nonplussed at not being given any details of the format of the show, so knowing there was an audience, one of my sons applied for two tickets from the BBC ticket office, drove me to London and I watched the first few shows being recorded. Anyone who remembers Going For Gold will know that the only way to win the programme was to win the last section, which was known as the Fame Game. Clues were given, dates, etc to famous people or locations to famous places and the quicker you guessed the answer, the more points you earned towards the total of 9 needed to win the game.

I had learned from the Australians, that if you wanted a prize badly enough, you put in the necessary revision. You could give them a birth date, death date, even a birthplace and they would immediately come up with the correct person, so I decided to do the same. By this time I was walking to work to save money, so I dictated 2000 dates on to a cassette and listened to it on my Walkman going to and from work. And it worked! I earned the trip to Seoul because I knew that Robert Mitchum the actor was born in 1917 in Connecticut!

Daphne wins Head 2 Head Daphne goes through Daphne gets 4 in a row
Daphne Daphne goes through Daphne chooses her category
Daphne gets 4 in a row Daphne wishes her opponent good luck Daphne correctly answers her question
Daphne wins! Henry congratulates Daphne Daphne
Daphne the winner Daphne receives her prize Daphne waves goodbye
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