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In the meantime, in 1986, I took part in Masterteam on BBC1 with Angela Rippon. My team, the Quidnuncs consisted of my friends Norman Baker, Peter Dobson and me. We had been told that if we won our heat which was being recorded on a Sunday, we must be prepared to go up to London again the following Sunday to take part in the next round. There was a part in the show where you were given three letters and you had to make the longest word possible using the three letters in the right sequence and for this you were awarded five points.

Unbeknownst to me, Peter had come up with this 36 letter word which if he had been able to write down in the time allowed and I could have pronounced it, would have won the game for us. As it was, we lost by three points and to say that we were disappointed was an understatement. However, in the post, on the Monday when I got back from London was a letter from Grundy inviting me to audition for the World Series on the very Sunday we would have been recording Masterteam had we won. I would never have let my team down and consequently would never have been able to go to Australia in 1987, which changed my life completely.

My Dad always used to say that it was better to be born lucky than rich and I think this incident bears out how lucky my life has been.

Daphne in competition The word game The Quidnuncs' discuss
Angela announces the results The Quidnuncs' final score Angela with the Quidnuncs'
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