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V11.00 09/11/09

Brainy Daphne wears another quiz crown

Daphne Fowler

BOURNVILLE'S brain of Britain has beaten quiz champions from all over the country to win a national trophy.

Retired Daphne Fowler, aged 59, was crowned the brainiest person in the country after she faced Mensa, Countdown, 15 to 1, Mastermind and University Challenge champions at the British Library.

The event, hosted by Gyles Brandreth, was the first ever Whitaker's Almanack Champions' Challenge.

Specially invited contestants, including crossword and Scrabble champions, were taxed with questions from the 1999 almanack.

Grandmother-of-eight Daphne, who lives in Coniston Crescent, helped put Weston on the map last year when she won the prestigious Radio Four Brain of Britain competition.

She has taken part in many radio and television quizzes over the past 20 years, winning the first Going For Gold series and taking home a car after appearing on Sale of The Century.

Daphne, a retired bank secretary, does not consider herself to be the 'brainiest person in Britain', just someone with a good memory who does a lot of reading.

"I keep explaining to people that it is just because I have a memory, which does not equate with intelligence or brains - I can just remember things," said Daphne.

"You have to consistently read and read just to keep your knowledge up. I do not read a reference hook for long because I cannot concentrate. I just flick through.

"My memory is not photographic - I cannot read about football and then remember it. It has to be something I am interested in.

"It was great fun and I will go anywhere for a good quiz. I have never been to the British Library before, and it was a beautiful venue."

The next event for Daphne is a challenge between the last three winners of the Brain of Britain competition.

The winner of this contest goes on to take part in Top Brain, which is held every nine years.

It is hoped to make the, Whitaker's Challenge an annual event.

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