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V11.00 09/11/09

Battle of the Quiz Queens

By Simon Haigh.

It's Mastermind versus the Brain of Britain in an all-West showdown.
Daphne Fowler

BRAIN of Britain Daphne Fowler and Mastermind Anne Ashurst finally meet today to decide which West woman is the country's quiz queen. Retired secretary Daphne, aged 58, of Weston-super-Mare, won Radio 4's Brain of Britain contest in July this year, adding a silver plate to a host of prizes from TV quizzes.

She won a Mini in Sale of the Century in 1983, a trip to the Seoul Olympics as Going for Gold champion in 1988 and 2,000 as a four times winner of Jeopardy in 1990.

Now, she will take on romantic novelist Anne, 59, of Williton, near Taunton, who triumphed in this year's Mastermind contest - the last ever.

But there are no prizes at stake - just pride - in Anne Ashurstthe special Masterbrain show.

The Brain of Britain and Mastermind victors have both become TV personalities in their own right since their victories in the summer.

Daphne featured in a Clive James programme about quizzes alongside questionmasters Bob Holness, Magnus Magnusson, Stuart Hall and Richard Whitely.

And last week Anne competed on a University Challenge special with a team of former Mastermind finalists, pitting their wits against Magdalen College, Oxford, this year's winners of the series hosted by Jeremy Paxman.

Anne will be hoping for better luck today, as on that occasion the youthful students overcame the age advantage of the former occupants of the famous black chair. Both Anne and Daphne are looking forward to the showdown and a chance to meet each other - not least because of their apparent similarities.

Not only are they of a similar age and both living in the West, but they both left school with seven 0-levels.

Anne is a key member of the Williton's Forester's Arms quiz team, champions of the Minehead league, and Daphne is in the Good Ideas team, who have taken the top prize in the Weston quiz league for three years running.

They have also both admitted to flaws in their genius. After winning Brain of Britain Daphne confessed to not knowing her left from her right, and having to write L and R on her hands for her driving test.

And Anne said her teachers thought she was so bad at maths they made her give the subject up at 13. She had to learn later in life how to measure a room for wallpaper and fill in a tax return.

The Masterbrain show, a play-off between the winners and the runners-up of the two quizzes, goes out on Radio 4 at 12.25pm.

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