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V11.00 09/11/09

She's Quiz Crazy!

Daphne & Peter Fowler

Game show addict Daphne Hudson met her match in dashing quizmaster Peter Fowler.

Daphne Hudson settled herself down comfortably in a crowded village pub. She was there for one of her favourite pastimes - taking part in a general knowledge quiz. Fresh from her success on TVs Winner Takes All, the 51-year-old grandmother was determined to do well.

However, question master Peter Fowler had a strong Bristol accent and Daphne couldn't understand a word he said.

"There were four of us on the team and we all misheard him," remembers Daphne. "We weren't cross, though. We just teased him about his strong accent."

Four years later, they met again and this time Daphne was struck not by Peter's accent, but by his great sense of humour. "We hit it off immediately," she says. "He made me laugh so much."

The trivia-mad pair soon plunged into a whirlwind romance. "There are a lot of people who know me and who also know Peter and they all thought it was a perfect match," says Daphne.

Peter, who'd been divorced for nine years, wasted no time in popping the best question of all: "Will you marry me?"

"I knew the right answer to that one," says Daphne. "It had to be 'yes'!

"His proposal came as a complete surprise," smiles Daphne. "After my first husband died of cancer, I never expected to find happiness again."

They planned a wedding last June in the church opposite Daphne's home in Weston-super-Mare. They also planned a honeymoon, but cancelled it so Daphne could appear on ITVs daytime quiz show Jeopardy. It was a gruelling competition and for a while Peter was very concerned about her.

The gamble paid off: the mother of five won the 2,000 prize - more than enough to pay for their belated Los Angeles honeymoon. Now they've settled down in Weston-super-Mare and Peter is busy putting up shelves for Daphne's huge collection of reference books.

"He's really great," says Daphne. "He doesn't mind testing me on general knowledge."

"I started entering quizzes in 1979 when my children wrote off to Winner Takes All on my behalf. I have a rag-bag memory and I'm a natural show-off."

"One of my best moves was taking part in Sale Of The Century. I won - the prize was a new Mini. Afterwards I was invited to appear on the Australian version of the show, all expenses paid. I got on so well there that they asked me back twice more. With my winnings - 23,000 - I was able to buy the house.

Daphne still has one ambition - to be a contestant on Mastermind. "Despite several auditions I've failed to gain a place."

To loyal Peter, however, his clever wife is a mastermind already.

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