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V11.00 09/11/09

ďA Quizzical CorpseĒ

A Quizzical Corpse

One of the most pleasant surprises Iíve had was to receive a copy of this book in the post from its authoress Kate Irving.

Kate had appeared on several quiz programmes and had written a detective story based in the world of television quizzes.

She told me that the murder victim, Babs Beaumont was based upon me and hoped that I would enjoy the story, which I have to admit was very entertaining. Iíve actually bought several copies to give to friends and family who have all enjoyed the story.

Kate Irving

What I did not know at the time was that when Kate began writing "A Quizzical Corpse" she was terminally ill with cancer and had already lived longer than her consultant had expected. Not that you would ever guess this from her book which is a well-clued and at times hilariously funny detective story set against a background of TV quiz shows which Kate knew well. There are no gory details of autopsies or illness and certainly no mention of the "big C". Cancer was something Kate wanted to forget not write about.

Kate was planning a second novel featuring the same amateur sleuths, Molly Massey and Peter Bestwick but sadly this was not to be. Only the first preliminary notes had been written when Kate's health deteriorated sharply. She passed away on 28th September 2007.

Kate left the copyright of her book to her close friend, Meg Sutton and if you would like a copy it is available from www.authorsonline.co.uk or direct from Meg at:

13, Park Avenue
'Price £6 including postage and packing'.
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