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V11.00 09/11/09

Sale Of The Century '88
"World Championship II"

However before I went to Seoul, I was also asked to go back out to Australia in early 1988 to take part in yet another Sale of the Century series. This time, the contestants had been cut back to just three from each country. I explained I couldnít go without my husband so was sent a business class ticket which I then exchanged for two economy ones, so once again we had a wonderful fortnight in Melbourne, all expenses paid. However, I never made the final, being considerably slower on the buzzer than in past years, which I put down to the stressful year I had had but because of that, I was able for the first time in all my trips to Melbourne to go sightseeing which was great fun.

In September 1988 off we went to the Olympics and I have to say it was the best holiday I have been on. We had front row seats for all the athletics, the shopping was brilliant, the South Koreans were wonderful to us, especially when they realised that my husband was disabled and I took plenty of photographs for which I was so grateful as less than 6 months after we returned from Seoul, my husband died of cancer. But once again thanks to a quiz, I had wonderful memories to look back on.

In 1989, about 6 months after my husbandís death, I took part in my very first 15-to-1 programme. I was always used to my husband coming with me and encouraging me just by being there and my heart wasnít really in it but I felt I should have done better. I did get through to the last three but as Thomas Dyer (Brain of Britain 1976) was one of the other two, Iím not surprised I was beaten. I was very disappointed as of course in those days, you were only allowed one shot at the programme, but I always watched it faithfully, which stood me in good stead later on in my quiz career.

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